[Leaflet] The Vaccine and its Multiple (Practical & Ideological) Uses

[The original text was written in Greek in January 2022. It was being distributed, during the winter and spring, in protests of suspended health workers and of health workers –in general– against the NHS restructuring. Read the whole translation in pdf here.]

If someone was to follow the (mostly left-wing or anti-authoritarian) vaccine-fetishists’ boisterous monologues, they would certainly be impressed by their brazen, persistent efforts to conceal the fact that the state universal mass vaccination programs (which they vehemently support from the outset) unquestionably entail direct control over the collective proletarian body; be it in the workplaces or in spaces of consumption and social reproduction, through the imposition of a fluid and flexible apartheid-like system, in which the today’s (forcibly) “compliant” and “vaccinated” citizen can be excluded from spheres of social life at any moment, categorized as “unvaccinated”.

Within the digital, self-referential bubble in social media where this pro-vaccination faction is found busy politicking, exchanging predictable clichés –fundamentally threatening to the interests of our class–, our simple everyday experiences from the places of our wage exploitation disappear artfully.

Because the imposition of the capital relation –from the beginning and since then, constantly– entails both direct and indirect blackmail that has to remain hidden

Because the social causes of the pandemic –directly linked to the spiral movement of capitalist (re)production–  must also remain hidden.

Because the public debate on the essence of the state management of the pandemic must be hindered

Because the proletarian needs –increased due to the pandemic must be further suppressed

Because the policies of internal devaluation, through which they have plundered the direct and indirect wages of workers for the last ten years, must be continued – to an even higher degree

Because the (weak) proletarian struggles against old and new techniques of discipline and control must remain minority, non-mass struggles, and thus invisible.

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[Brochure] The state management of the pandemic is the enhanced continuation of the ten-year long policy of the “memoranda” under a different name

This is the translation of a brochure of ours, originally written in Greek in November 2020. You can find the current translation in pdf form, here.

“We face many challenges simultaneously, but I want to express my absolute satisfaction with the way our Parliamentary Group is working. It is very important that in no case should the Government’s reform plan be halted due to Covid

K. Mitsotakis. Prime Minister, 3 November 2020 on twitter.

Europe is saying a very simple thing: “Spend according to your means, not all of what you have. What we are spending right now, is future taxes.

Question: In other words, is it estimated that if we deviate now, a new Memorandum —in the long run, of course— is not ruled out, meaning new fiscal adjustments?

And it will not be in the long run because markets react strongly when they see that there is no responsible fiscal management.

T. Skylakakis. deputy Finance Minister, 21 September 2020 on the radio station “alpha 98.9fm”

The new lockdown is an aspect of an already rather miserable and suffocating reality. The much-advertised return to “normality” —capitalist normality, that is— has been interrupted again in the name of protecting the most valuable commodity for capital, our value-producing labour power, under the weight of the daily increase of covid-19 hospitalisations and after years of methodical dismantling of the public health infrastructure.

The government, after succeeding in partially consolidating the practice and ideology of “individual responsibility” and “responsible stay-at-home-ism” last spring —an ideology that even a large part of the left and the anarchist/anti-authoritarian milieu had rushed to embrace— is returning to this tactical manoeuvre to divert the debate that had already begun around the central objective of the state management of the pandemic: to shift the largest possible part of the financial costs of dealing with it onto our backs.

With one important difference, though. The current use of the confinement biopolitics is accompanied by an escalation of disciplinary measures (e.g. doubling of fines and the introduction of a curfew after 9pm). Also, an escalation of repressive violence. This is exemplified by the simultaneous evacuations of the historical Polytechnic school in the Athenian city centre (which illegal immigrants had been squatting and the “milieu” had been using for its assemblies/public events) and the students’ occupation of the Rector’s Office of the National Technical University of Athens. And by the savage attacks on demonstrators on November 17th by thousands of cops, riot police and anti-terrorist squads. This repressive violence was launched because it is now difficult to portray the state’s choice of a lockdown policy as a supposedly impartial treatment of a “public health” issue, decided in a political vacuum and regardless of the, mostly spasmodic but nevertheless existing, responses against the hygienic tightening of social discipline.

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Athènes: manifestation le 15 Janvier 2022 ★ Contre les obligations étatiques, les separations et l’appauvrissement du proletariat non-vacciné ★

Malgré les objections des partisans de la vaccination obligatoire/massive-universelle —institutionnels et extra-institutionnels, systémiques et supposés anti-systémiques— et malgré le mécontentement évident de certains d’entre eux, qui s’est exprimé très ouvertement dans la période précédant la marche —en commençant du sabotage du matériel de propagande de la marche, jusqu’à l’intimidation des membres d’un collectif de l’Initiative Contre l’Apartheid Sanitaire qui a organisé la marche et à laquelle nous participons—  de nombreuses personnes (plus de 1000 manifestants) se sont rassemblées le samedi 15 janvier aux Propylées (centre d’Athènes).

Un jour avant l’imposition accrue de la vaccination obligatoire —c’est-à-dire l’expiration du délai pour la mise en conformité des non-vaccinés de plus de 60 ans et l’imposition ultérieure d’amendes de 100€ par mois à ceux d’entre eux qui continuent à ne pas se conformer—, vaccinés et non-vaccinés, travailleurs, chômeurs et retraités qui résistent et luttent contre les graves effets secondaires du programme de vaccination de l’État, nous nous sommes réunis dans l’espace public. Occupant, même pour un court moment, le centre de la ville, nous avons manifesté notre refus de céder aux contraintes avec lesquelles l’État capitaliste ouvre la voie à la continuation (accrue) de dix années de politiques d’austérité et de réduction des dépenses sociales.

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Athènes: manifestation le 2 Octobre 2021 ★Contre les vaccinations obligatoires et le passe sanitaire★

Alors que l’État du capital continue sans cesse son attaque contre la classe ouvrière en promouvant la vaccination de masse/universelle, la mesure de vaccination obligatoire pour certains travailleurs et la permanente –pour toute activité– exigence des certificats et des tests, vise à :

• la division de notre classe par la construction de boucs émissaires et l’introduction de «privilèges» humiliants pour les uns et d’exclusions pour les autres,

•  renforcement la prérogative de gestion (de l’employeur) par des licenciements «invisibles» dans le secteur privé, des suspensions sans solde dans les secteurs de la santé et une surveillance continue,

•  la flexibilité plus approfondie des relations de travail,

•  continuer à dégrader et à promouvoir la restructuration des services de santé publique, et

•  la disparition de la sphère publique de toute revendication collective à la satisfaction de nos besoins, la stigmatisant comme «anti-vax», «antisociale» voire «irrationnelle», la plupart de la gauche et du milieu anti-autoritaire tentent à nommer l’idéologie capitaliste de la responsabilité individuelle «devoir de classe» et à présenter comme des revendications ouvrières ce que l’État impose (voir vaccination de masse et universelle).

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Against Mandatory Vaccination and its Crusaders

Republished translated post from our Assemblys’s f/b page on dialectical delinquents » Greece: against mandatory vaccination & its crusaders (dialectical-delinquents.com)

Demo, 14th July
Demo, 14th July

On Wednesday afternoon of 14th July, the people gathered in Omonia square began to move gradually from the square to Stadiou St. At first it seemed that there were no more than 1,500 people in the square, but, as usually happens after a demo has started, it was revealed that they reached 4,000-5,000. A lot of youth, families, well-off people but not necessarily posh, a mix of shopkeepers and workers. (According to some information, the initial call was made by a right-wing Facebook group called “Shops without a graft”). People did not seem to have much experience of demos. However, the well-known crackpots were not present (priests, nuns and others who had participated in the demos against the Prespa agreement, had already gathered in Syntagma Square and were waiting for them). You could see some muscular chavs, a few Greek flags (you could not see more than 10) and 2 improvised spray banners (“No to mandatory vaccination, we want freedom”). From the beginning, there was excitement among those gathered about the size of the crowd (many took selfies with Omonia in the background, so that one could see the main body of the rally), enthusiasm expressed at the beginning of the demo with massive applause and shouting, but then there was no particular excitement: 2-3 basic, nationalist, “anti-fascist” slogans (“Greece, Greece”, “fascist Mitsotaki, resign!”, “Down with Mitsotakis’ dictatorship”, “Keep your hands off our children”+ the national anthem). It would not be an exaggeration to say that we witnessed the birth of new right-wing and far-right mini-parties, a revolt on the right, on the basis of an existing social issue that large sections of communists and anarchists refuse to recognize as such. In the Syntagma square next to the Christians there were the Pro Patria neonazis,  lined up in military style. At the lower part of the square there was a small crowd gathered under the banner of Contra Dystopia and 4 other democratic, anti-fascist organizations against “discrimination and bioterrorism”. Here they describe the gathering from their own point of view and how they were attacked by the fascists of Pro Patria


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Solidaridad con activistas perseguidos en Bolonia!

Publicado el 18 de mayo de 2020 en el Padrone di Merda


Comunicado de las máscaras blancas después de las absurdas acusaciones del poder judicial VERSIÓN en español.


¿Qué ha pasado? Al amanecer de esta mañana en Bolonia, Italia, algunos trabajadores y trabajadores precarios que se negaban a ser explotados y estafados por sus jefes de mierda han sido despertados por los agentes de policía, dándoles aviso de las siguientes medidas cautelares contra ellos: a cinco se les ha ordenado abandonar Bolonia y a uno se le ha prohibido acercarse a su antiguo lugar de trabajo y a su ex-jefe. Otros 13 trabajadores también han sido acusados. Continue reading “Solidaridad con activistas perseguidos en Bolonia!”



Published on May 18, 2020 in the Patrone di Merda

Statement of the white masks after the absurd accusations of the judiciary 

 +++ ACTIVISTS OF THE “Padrone DI MERDA” IN BOLOGNA under attack! ++++

What’s happened? At dawn this morning [i.e. 18/5/2010] in Bologna, Italy, some workers and precarious workers who refused to be exploited and swindled by their shit bosses were woken up by police officers, giving them notice of these precautionary measures against them: five were ordered to leave Bologna and one was banned from approaching their ex-workplace and ex-bosses. A further 13 workers have also been charged. Continue reading “‘PADRONE DI MERDA’ PROTESTORS IN BOLOGNA UNDER ATTACK!”

Athens May Day 2020

Οn May Day, about 3,000 people marched in an …empty city, still in lockdown. The composition was mainly anti-authoritarian and leftist, with some small unions, too. Our assembly was part of demonstration. On our banner was written:

Down with the wages of exception / Down with the productive disciplining of our bodies / Down with the deceit of individual responsibility / Down with the capitalist “fatherly” state


Today (15/04/20), The Assembly against Bio-Power & Confinement carried out a mass counter-information action in support of workers in different neighborhoods at the center of Athens. Taking all necessary precautions, we found ourselves in the streets with working people of our class, discussing and sharing common fears and concerns. We demonstrated in practice that solidarity for us does not mean “everyone in their private cell” and “everyone for himself”, like the state and its personnel attempt to convince us every day. We discovered with joy that we are not alone in this situation, that the proletarians didn’t fall for the fairy tale that the pandemic is a “matter of individual responsibility”, or that the state and the bosses are putting up a fight for our own good. So, from our point of view, we are already setting the stage in order for the motto “we will deal with you later” to not be just a figure of speech.Below is the text of the action and some photos


-The ones among us working in super markets, delivery services, pet shops, pharmacies and hospitals have not entered quarantine. We work in health-devastating conditions, forced to work overtime, some of us with lower wages and without the proper means of protection against the virus.

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